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Praying Mantis Not a whole heck of a lot is new around here. I’ve been running still, trying to win this Nike challenge at work. At the time of writing this, I’m about a half mile away from first place, so winning is definitely do-able. I’ve managed to log about 82 miles so far this month. For you math majors out there, that’s almost 4 miles a day. I’m not marathon material, but overall, that is pretty good. At least for me anyway. One thing that I’ve learned is that consistency pays off.

See the fish? I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there of bugs

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lately. Not sure why. I guess I’m growing bored of taking pictures of sunsets and the “normal” stuff. Laura and Haley seem to be getting a little tired of posing as well. We did go to Memorial Gardens on Friday night though to take some pictures. Memorial Gardens is a cemetary, but there are some fantastic photo ops in the Crystal Grotto. The biggest problem we faced was that the sky was overcast and it looked like rain. Hardly the environment you’re looking for when you want to use natural light. We’d been putting this off for a while until we had an evening where we could make use of the setting sun’s light. We ended up overcoming it by bringing our own strobes and putting them up on stands. I covered the flash with a straw colored gel to throw some “sunlight”. We only got a couple of pictures because we didn’t heed the advice of others and bring bug spray. In the 20 or so minutes that we took pictures, Laura got probably 15 mosquito bites. We packed it up early. At least we got a few good ones!