What’s Going On?

We don’t have any new pictures to add, but wanted to give an update on what has been going on.  Life has been fairly busy around the Simons home.  Haley’s learning new words all the time.  She knows what she’s trying to say, but still has trouble saying it.  One word she has nailed is “Shoes.”  And she LOVES shoes.  I’m sure she’ll cost daddy a small fortune by the time she’s 21.

We spent the past couple of nights painting another coat on most of the downstairs.  We knocked out the halls, stairwell, living room, dining room, sunroom and kitchen.  We still ‘sortof’ need another coat on our bedroom.  Haley’s room and the hall look good.  Once we get our room done, should we so choose to do it, the bulk of the house will be painted!  The remainder (the rooms upstairs and one bathroom downstairs) should be easy enough for Laura to paint while I’m at work.

We’re still in search of a few pieces of furniture to finish out the downstairs.  We’re in no rush to get furniture for the dining room, but we are anxious to get furniture for the sunroom.  I’m probably going to build in seating with room for baskets underneath along one wall in the sunroom, but we still need a couch and a few barstools.  Once we get the furniture, I’m sure we’ll spend the bulk of our time in the sunroom rather than the living room.

The crib is coming along nicely.  I ordered some hardware that should be here on Friday.  The only thing left from a woodworking perspective is cutting and routing the panels for the back.  The rails and styles for the back are done.  I hope to get those cut and finished this weekend.  Maybe install the hardware too.  The kayak is another story.  I’ve managed to bust my shin on it multiple times.  I’m ready for that thing to be done.  The last time I came in bleeding after scraping up my shin, I nearly scrapped it and called it a day.  At this point, I’m not concerned whether it is pretty or not.  I just want to finish it and see if it floats.

I’ve been running a lot and biking some lately to try to get rid of some of the poundage I managed to pick up.  I’m not quite sure what the deal is, but I’m running nearly every day, watching what I eat and I’ve managed to lose a grand total of 1.5 pounds (as of this morning) in the past 23 days.  Seriously, a glass of water could swing me back to even.  Guess my metabolism isn’t what it used to be.