The Kayak is alive! It actually floats. And we have pictures to prove it! I’m not sure that we’re going to actually “keep” it, but it is good to know that it floats. The only reason I say I’m not sure if we’ll keep it is because I can buy one that is a lot smaller (which

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means it takes up less space). Also, a plastic one won’t break if it were to get dropped. Not sure what I’ll do with it for now, though.

Laura went down to the lake with me to take pictures of the maiden voyage. She ended up taking a spin herself. It was really a lot of fun.

We’ve been getting some visitors in the backyard. Deer have been more than abundant lately. I got some great pictures of them two days ago before work. I saw some as I was running that morning at a track in our neighborhood. Then I saw them again in our backyard. I grabbed the camera and got a few shots. There were three bucks in velvet, two does and one fawn. The fawn was so cute. I guess I need to wash our windows so the pictures will be a little clearer.

Haley’s growing fast. She and I went to the park yesterday in Arlington. They’ve got a crazy huge park there.

All sorts of climbing and swinging and sliding stuff. She had a ball. Afterwards, we picked up our new dining room table and chairs. Finally we have furniture in the “empty room” in the front of the house.

Deer in the backyard Talking to Daddy Kayak's maiden voyage