It’s That Time of Year!

Christmas is right around the corner.  Yes, I know Thanksgiving isn’t here yet, but Christmas is in the air!  We’ve gotten our trees up and most of the lights on the house.  Haley is loving the Christmas trees.  She’s doing pretty good about not taking the lights off the trees.

We have got more trees than we know what to do with.  We’ve got one in our room, one in Haley’s room, one in the sun room and one in the living room.  All the trees are pretty small, except for the living room.  I guess they have to be or we wouldn’t be able to move around.

We’re also loving the fire place.  It burns gas logs or REAL wood.  We’ve opted for the wood.  There’s nothing like hearing a real fire crackle.

We’re also getting into photography more.  We’re taking pictures mostly of friends.  We’re not making much money off of it, but that’s not really the goal.  It is just fun to take them.  We’ve got a website set up so that people can purchase the prints.  You can check it out if you’re interested at  Other than that, we’re just enjoying spending time together.  I’ve got the St. Jude Half Marathon coming up in a few weeks and I’ve “sortof” been training for that.  By training, I mean going on one decent length run every week.  I hope I finish!

Of course, no post would be complete without at least one picture, so here’s two.  First one is what I found when I went in to wake Haley up from her nap today.  For some reason, she decided to put her sock on her hand.  Second one is just to make Grandpa Gary proud.