Bulldogs – 3, Bama – a lot


Well, the Dogs didn’t look so hot on Saturday.  We still had a great time at the game.  We managed to have a late lunch at Old Venice.  Always nice to have Old Venice.  The kids both did fine at the game, but if I could go back in time, I don’t think we’d have brought them.  This morning, both of them (Haley especially) sounded pretty rough.  I feel bad saying it, but I really think Haley’s voice is cute when she’s hoarse. 

While most around our house are still puny, we’re definitely on the tail end of the illnesses.  I’ve got a feeling we’ll be feeling tip top by mid week.  I wish we’d been well this past week.  The weather has been awesome!

We’re starting to get back into the Holiday season already.  Seems like we have a dozen things already planned for next weekend.  I’ve got a feeling the rest of November and December are going to go by in a blur!

Before you ask, yes, I did take the photo above before going to our seats last night.  It was edited in Adobe Lightroom with a preset I build last week.