IMG_4715Wow, this past week has been a doozey.  A week ago today, Laura went to bed early feeling bad.  She thought she was just tired.  About halfway through church on Sunday, she ended up going home.  She felt miserable.  Laura was completely out of commission on Sunday and Monday.  I worked from home to help with the kiddos.  They were SO good for me.  Although I did feel guilty for putting Haley in front of the TV for a good portion of the day. 

Tuesday, Laura was feeling a little better, but the kids weren’t doing so hot.  Laura decided to go on to the doctor.  The result – there wasn’t much the doc could do.  Laura was just to get some more rest.  I still felt fine so I went on to work that afternoon.  As the day went on, though, I started losing my voice.

I came in and went straight for my universal remedy…NyQuil.  That stuff does wonders.  It wasn’t quite powerful enough though.  I tossed and turned all night coming in and out of fever.  I felt decent when I woke up on Wednesday morning, even though it sounded like I’d swallowed a bag of sand.  I started getting ready for work when my loving wife told me that I had to be insane.  That there was no way I was going to work if I’d had a fever all night.  I couldn’t speak above a whisper so I got her to do the dirty work and call in sick for me.

I’m glad she did.  I started to set up my laptop and I got smacked in the face with tiredness.  I spent the entire day Wednesday in bed.  I popped Mucinex, NyQuil and Tylenol all day.  Fever came and went.  Luckily, Laura was feeling better and dealt with a sick Haley and Trey.  Thursday was a little better, but I was up nearly the whole night on Thursday coughing.  I finally decided on Friday morning to go to the Doctor.  Diagnosis, Sinus Infection gone mad.  So now I’m a day and a half into antibiotics and all is well.  Still a bit coughy, but doing great.  Kiddos are out of the woods too. 

You know, you never realize how much you take your health for granted until everyone in the family is sick. 

Trey had his 8 month birthday this past week so we had a quick photo shoot for him.  Pictures came out pretty good.  He’s getting to be such a big boy.  Its a blessing to have two of the most content kids in the world.