Jerry’s Snow Cones

IMG_2039Recently we went with our neighbors to Jerry’s Snow Cones in Memphis. Jerry’s is located back in a neighborhood.  I can’t tell you exactly where it is because we were following our neighbors.  VERY CLOSELY.  We went through some neighborhoods that I wouldn’t want to get lost in alone.

But the drive was worth it.  Jerry’s was pretty neat.  It really took you back to a time around the 50’s.  Lots of people driving up, waiting in line for their frozen concoction, and then sitting around on the sidewalk, parking lot and hoods of cars just enjoying the frozen treats.  We just hung out as the sun dropped lower and lower in the sky.

It really did seem like time stood still for just a little bit.  Haley seemed to enjoy her snow cone.  Of course, Trey did as well. 

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If it is edible, Trey is on board.  We’ll definitely be hitting this joint again before the summer is over.