Family Portraits…AGAIN?


You guessed it!  It’s that time of year again!  Family portrait time.  It’s been a while since we took family portraits so we thought we’d take advantage of the 98 degree heat and lack of naps to take some family photos.

We took our friend Peachy along for the ride.  We figured we’d get some fantastic, wall-worthy photos.  Alas, we got a few, but that illusive “perfect family shot” got away yet again.  Maybe we’ll give it another try on a day when it is much cooler.  And, when we’ve had success getting the kids down for a nap.  At least we got a couple shots of them…right?

While we’re at it, I couldn’t resist throwing in a few pictures of Trey.  Laura and Haley went to a birthday party this past weekend and of course, I had to pull out the camera.  Trey’s been making this awful looking face where he wrinkles up his eyebrows when you tell him no.  I managed to get one shot of that (the one in the black and white below).  And yes…that is a faux-hawk.  Not only did I do it for the pictures, but I managed to give him one before we went to church on Sunday too.  The nursery workers loved it! 😉