Lonely, I’m so lonely

Bachelorhood has been in full effect.  Well, partially.  The wife and kiddos are at the beach this week and I’m hanging out solo in Memphis.  I hate it that I’m not there with them.  It is especially bad today because today is Laura’s birthday.  She’s turning…well, let’s just

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say she’s having a birthday.  It seems like we’re apart for her birthday more than we’re together.

The reports I’ve been getting from the beach are that they’re having a good time.  The kids are apparently loving the beach.  Thanks to cooperative weather, they’ve been spending most of their time actually down by the water.  Guess that’s a lesson learned for us.  Better to take young kids to the beach when it isn’t 105 degrees.

So my time at home has been pretty good so far.  I’ve gotten some things done that I’ve been wanting to knock out.  And a few things done that I haven’t wanted to do…like laundry.  To be fair, I’ve done a grand total of one load.  Well, to be really fair, I’ve gotten a load through drying, but haven’t folded it yet.  But still, I’ve done laundry.

It’s always mixed emotions when the fam’s away.  On the one hand, I get some much needed “me time”.  On the other hand, I realize how much fun it is to have them around and just how much they mean to me. 

They’ll be home before I know it.  Till then, I’ll just keep hanging on …eating meals from the freezer every night!  I was running through some old pictures from the other night and I’ll leave you with these two.  One is of me at 1 year old.  The other of Trey at right around one year.  He’s my boy!