While the Cat was away…

Hayden had to go out of town last week and we hadn’t taken our token towel picture of Avery yet so he set up the backdrop and showed me a couple things about the camera/flash and it was up to me to get a few precious shots.  So, here is my first attempt to become a photographer!  I think I did pretty decent.  I had a lot of fun doing it and might even try it again some time.  It helps to have an adorable subject. 

Not only am I proud of the pictures here, but also proud of myself for being on my own with the three kids!  We even left the house a few times!  I had great help from KJ and Jason while they were visiting.  They were proud Aunt and Uncle taking the big kids swimming so I could go to the grocery store and holding Avery, after meeting her for the first time.  I think their first fight as a married couple was about who’s turn it was to hold the baby!



She’s Here!

She’s here! Actually, she’s been here for a week!

Avery entered the world on July 5th at 11:55 AM. She weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz. Not tiny by any stretch, but the smallest we’ve had yet. We had a couple of minor complications during labor, but we had a fantastic doctor (we love Dr. Homsi!), a wonderful nursing staff and great friends that were praying us through it.
Laura was awesome as always. Not only did she do a fantastic job, she looked good while doing it. Didn’t even take off her jewelry.

Avery looks a lot like Haley and Trey did as newborns. I know all newborns look similar. A lot like old wrinkly men.

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But these three look eerily similar. When Haley was born, I was snapping pictures like crazy. When Trey came along, I was less trigger happy with the camera. As I was going through deleting the “bad” shots, I came across one that reminded me of one I took of Haley. After digging it up, I realized why it looked so similar. Not only did the kids look alike, but Laura’s nails were painted the same too. 🙂 So when Avery came, of course, we had to get the same shot. I know…definitely not a glamorous pose, but crazy how much they look alike.

haley, trey, avery-2

Haley and Trey absolutely LOVE Avery. We talked about Avery a lot leading up to her birth. Laura made the mistake of telling Haley on Monday morning that the next time she went to sleep and woke up, Avery would be here. Of course, Laura didn’t take Haley’s nap into account and the first thing Haley

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asked after her nap on Monday was to see Avery. We had to explain that she needed to go to sleep one more time. 🙂
As we did with Trey, we let the kids come in and meet her alone in the hospital with no other visitors. Haley was bouncing off the walls with excitement. Trey made a bee-line right for Avery chanting “Hold her, hold her, hold her”.

We’ll get more pictures posted soon. For now, these will have to do. I want to give a special thanks to my parents who kept Haley and Trey for the week while waiting on us hand and foot. We couldn’t have done it without them. Also to Julie for taking a turn at sitting with Haley and Trey so that my parents could be with us for while in the hospital.