Pickin’ Peaches

Hayden’s parents kept the kids in Jackson for a few days to give Avery and I a little time to sew, run errands, eat lunch out, and breathe!  When they brought the kids back to Memphis, they spent the weekend with us.  We decided to stop at Jones Orchard in Millington on our way to go check the land and house at Millington.  It was hot but we had a great time picking peaches!  Both kids really got into it and didn’t want to stop.  All I could think while the basket got more and more full is 1) can’t wait to make peach cobbler; 2) I’ve got to find more peach recipes!  After working hard to find the best peaches in Memphis, we hit Chick-fil-A for lunch and ice cream!!

Visiting the land and house in Millington got us fired up about having a “camp out” so we spend the night out there this past weekend.  We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to a lifetime of memories spent out there…four wheelers, hunting, cook outs, and soy beans!







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