School’s in session

This has been a week of new beginnings.  Monday was Trey’s first day of school.  It has been hard to keep the excitement of him re-entering Preschool balanced with the excitement of Haley entering Kindergarten.  Luckily, both didn’t happen on the same day.  Last week was Trey’s open house and he loved his classroom- mainly the toys that were in there.  He was acting silly the whole time we were there, but he was excited to see some of his buddies from last year and to meet his new teachers.  I don’t think he realized that a new class meant new teachers.  He wasn’t willing to accept that his teacher was Ms. Angie, not Ms. Gina.  The night before school we packed his lunch and got his backpack all ready.  There was not a minute of hesitation walking into school and sitting right down to have a snack in his classroom.  I was so proud of him and pleased that he was transitioning so easily.  Plus, when he sat down across from one of his friends, his friend asked, “What does your name start with?”  And Trey said, “T.  TRE.”  Missing one letter, but I didn’t realize he had finally learned how to spell his name!!  He also recognized his name on his butterfly clip (for attendance) and spelled it all correctly later that day when I asked him.  That is so typical of him- smarter than he lets me know!  After school I got more details about his day than I ever have.  He told me all about who he sat with at lunch, what toys he played with, and what they did on the playground.  He really has changed so much in the past year…I’m a happy mom.

Haley and I had a really fun day playing games and making Trey a treat for our snack after school.  I’m going to miss her so much!!

Tuesday was Haley’s first day of school.  Monday night we had organized and labeled all the school supplies, set out the backpack and lunch money, and laid out her clothes.  She was so excited I was worried she wouldn’t be able to sleep.  At 6:30am, she came down stairs fully dressed and ready for her big day.  I made her favorite muffins-lemon poppyseed- and finished getting ready.  My Mom came over to keep Avery so Hayden and I could focus on Haley on her special day.  We dropped Trey off at preschool and we had to get out fast because one of the moms asked me if I was doing okay and I almost let the tears flow!  Haley was bounding with energy and excitement.  We took the short ride to the school and Hayden got a great picture of her huge smile in the car on the way.  After a few pictures in the parking lot, we marched inside to find Ms. Wooley’s classroom.  Before going this morning Haley had memorized her room number, her bus number, and my phone number (just in case!).  We met the teacher and got all the school supplies out and organized.