Eight years…and counting!!


(Since this blog post is a little about us, and a lot about Trey, I thought using this picture of us from his birthday would be appropriate…and yet another reminder that we need to take more pictures together!  This is the latest one I could find…four months ago!)

Hayden and I had an eventful week. (September 18)
First, we celebrated our eighth year anniversary on Tuesday.  Moving
in this house and tag-teaming so many projects together, living in our
dream home, and making it ours has really brought us together- even
more!  Last week, while painting our boat…soon to be Pirate
Ship…my hand got COVERED in maroon oil-based paint.  Unfortunately,
it was my left hand and my ring was saturated.  Now, if I had to pick
a color to wear into eternity on my wedding band, maroon would be the
color.  However, I think the diamonds are beautiful enough on their
own so I took it to a jeweler to get the rest of the paint off.  I
went ahead and got Hayden’s ring polished, too.  Both rings looked
great, but it meant he had to go to work two days in a row without
wearing a wedding band.  Day 1: he sent me a text picture of his
hand…with a very lonely finger.  When he got home he mentioned
several times how bad he felt not wearing the ring.  Day 2: he asked
me several times when he could get the ring back.  All I could think
about is how fortunate I am to have a husband that wants to be
married, loves me, and wants to wear the ring that symbolizes our
commitment to each other.

On the morning of our anniversary we sat on the couch in the sunroom
talking about how we feel like our wedding was just yesterday, yet
seems like a lifetime ago.  Hayden got me a new Tervis tumbler that is
pink camo, that says “Southern Girl.”  He also had a cookie decorated
for me that said, Happy 8 years. When I got in the car to take Trey to
school I had a card on my dash…the surprises weren’t over.  That
night he came home early with chinese.  Our neighbors graciously
agreed to watch our kids while we set sail and had a Pirate Picnic on
our boat.  We cruised around, ate dinner, and enjoyed the quiet.  We
LOVE living on the lake and can’t wait to make more and more memories.
He had a few more surprises for me once we picked up the kids…I
wasn’t expecting it and loved being pampered.  The 8-year anniversary
gift is bronze or linens…I got him a new bronze door knocker so our
front door will say our name, not the name of the previous owners.

Haley learned what an anniversary was and was so sad that she didn’t
get us an anniversary present!  She stayed up late working on a card
for us…which luckily doubled as a birthday card for Hayden.

Second, we celebrated Hayden’s 34th birthday!  His coworkers did a
fantastic job making him feel special by wallpapering his entire
office, through and through, with colored paper that said, “Happy
Birthday, Hayden!!” and brought him a strawberry cake.  I was
extremely busy cooking and getting ready for Hayden’s birthday dinner.
The presents were wrapped, balloons were hung, crème brulee chilling
in the fridge, and steaks on the grill.  We had a nice dinner after a
long day at work.  However, the best part of the night was when we
were about done opening presents, Trey jumped down off his seat (not
too surprising) and ran to get something.  There was a box with some
tissue paper from an anniversary present and he found something to
wrap and presented the half-box to Hayden for a gift.  His big brown
eyes were so filled with love as he gave it to Hayden.  He was so
proud to give him something.  He had found an eyeglass (that you look
through and it looks like a prism)- a trinket he had gotten from
school and had wrapped it.  Hayden unwrapped it and mad a huge deal
about how special it was and we all made silly faces so daddy could
look at us through the eyeglass.  Haley had made Hayden a card with a
picture of Hayden as a rockstar…a keeper.


(Ha, Ha!  Hayden shake his head for me adding this pic for his birthday shot…Hayden got a tractor for Millington and loves to work his land and hunt! Still waiting for the first kill of the season.)

Then, Thursday, was Open House at Trey and Avery’s school.  Trey has
been singing his song and talking about his program for over a week.
He was so excited.  I let him wear his favorite sweater and he was
ready!  Luckily, Grandma Dee came into town today and she and my Mom
were able to make it to the program and see not only a great show, but
tour the preschool. 



Avery has been going to a class once a week so I
could attend a Bible Study and volunteer in Haley’s class.  The dads
were in charge of parading the sweet little Snugglebugs into the
Fellowship Hall.  Avery is SUCH a Daddy’s girl and looked so sweet
walking in with her Dad…too bad her Mom isn’t as good of a
photographer as her Dad because I think I missed a precious moment.
She was smiling, waving and clapping.  I honestly thought it was a
little silly that they would parade the babies through, but when I saw
the two of them walk in I was swelling with pride and emotion. 



Trey loved being on stage (a dream come true since he saw the Camp
Outrageous show at church).  He was proud to show us his book about
TREY in his class too.  His teachers say he is a ball of energy, loves
to talk, and is a good friend to his buddies…I agree!  Especially
about the talking.  I work really hard to actively listen, but it is
exhausting because he talks ALL the time.  But, because of his
chatterbox personality, I have really gotten to know my son and the
way his mind works.  I’ve always been pretty in tune with him, but now
that he can actually express those thoughts of his, I get so excited
to see him figuring out the world.



Couldn’t resist adding this picture…just made me laugh.  So TREY!