Happy New Year!

Well, it is that time of year again. Time to reflect back on the past 12 months, but more importantly, ahead to the 12 that are coming up.

What a great year we've had around the Simons' house. As usual, it is easy to forget just how much has gone on. I like to take this time each year to do a 'review' of what's occurred.

  • Each of us had another birthday
  • Laura killed her first deer (and went deer hunting with me for the first time!)
  • Avery started 1 day a week Mother's Day out
  • Trey went to 3 day a week pre-k
  • Haley started Kindergarten. And rides the bus!
  • We sold our house in Windward slopes. Twice (first contract fell through)
  • We moved 3 streets over and now live on the lake!
  • We turned the 30 year old pontoon boat that came with the house into a pirate ship
  • I got a tractor
  • Our company was bought out
  • Laura started teaching high school girls again at church
  • I taught young adults again at church
  • My grandfather passed away
  • Laura's grandmother passed away
  • Read the 1 year chronological bible through for the 2nd time this year.

Goals for next year:

  • Live a life that will guide my children to walk in the Truth (3 John 4)
  • Love my wife more
  • Be present with my kids more
  • Continue to take time alone (normally when hunting) to relax, reflect, refocus and talk to God.
  • Read the Bible through again
  • Disciple a group of men to be leaders in their family, church, community and the world. But start with having the right leader in their own life.
  • Focus on being anxious for nothing. I struggle with anxiety more than any other thing.

And the list wouldn't be fun to look at next year without documenting a couple things about everyone in our family:


  • Loves learning
  • Loves drawing and artwork and crafts of any sort
  • Loves her teacher, Ms. Wooley
  • Loves church. Loves children's choir.
  • Has nearly learned the Lord's Prayer
  • Loves living next door to Ashton/Sarah and down the street from Carrington
  • Thinks that she's one of the smartest kids in her grade. And she's right.
  • Is one of the most creative people I've ever met
  • Is really beginning to enjoy sharing a room with Avery


  • Is 100% boy
  • Listens sometimes
  • Would take a bullet for either one of his sisters. Especially Avery.
  • Is very protective of his sisters
  • Easily gets his “heart broken” (his words)
  • Loves Jesus
  • Loves his daddy
  • Loves spending time with his family
  • Likes to snuggle
  • Is a lot smarter than he lets on. He “pretends” most of the time not to know the answers, but when you catch him off guard, he knows most of his letters and numbers.


  • Loves to be held and played with
  • Is extremely determined
  • Is very self sufficient. She usually lets you know she doesn't need help. But when she does, she quickly lets you know that as well. Usually in the form of screaming.
  • Has got the biggest, prettiest eyes
  • Is starting to get longer hair
  • Laughs like crazy
  • Can take a beating, but keeps on going. She rarely cries because she's hurt.
  • Can't sit still for 5 minutes
  • Can't leave ANYTHING alone. No doubt where she's been. She leaves a trail behind her.
  • Usually listens and is obedient. Sometimes listens, but pushes the envelope…testing us.
  • Is fanatical about keeping the floor clean. Which is a really tough job in our house. She walks around the kitchen with a piece of toilet paper wiping the floor.
  • Infatuated with toilet paper. About twice a week, we find a whole roll undone and laying on the floor in the bathroom. We count it as a blessing if she hasn't “cleaned up” by putting all the toilet paper in the potty.


  • Grown spiritually by leaps and bounds again this year
  • Does a fantastic job teaching her girls. She genuinely cares for them and is very passionate about them.
  • Has been my support. My rock. There is no way I could make it without her emotional support as well as her support around the house. Cooking, cleaning, raising our children.
  • Looks better than the day I met her
  • Loves to put individual dove chocolates in the freezer and pluck them out a couple times a day
  • Has embroidered very little 🙂
  • Has turned our house into a home. Decorating, painting and mostly, making it a loving and relaxing environment.


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