Snow day!!

Let it snow, let it snow! We recently got a forecast of snow. And all Trey could talk about the night before was playing in the snow and building a snowman. He didn't want a big one. He was extremely specific about it being small.

So when we woke up and had a blanket of snow, there was absolutely nothing to do except for build that snowman that Trey wanted. He's also talked a lot about a snowball fight. And of course, we obliged for that.

Once we built the first snowman, Haley got a hankering to come outside. Trey immediately started telling us that we had to build Haley a snowman too. Such a sweet boy. He is always wanting to make sure things are equal.

We followed up our snowman and snowball fight with hot chocolate and a couple minutes by the fireplace to dry off and warm up.

From start to finish, it probably only lasted 15 minutes. But for Trey, it made his week. Just goes to show, quantity of time is important, but it doesn't replace listening to what your kids want and spending t hat quality time meeting their needs/wants.



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