The Garden

We were excited to see there was already a raised garden in the yard when we were first looking at this house.  Our neighbors warned us that the previous owners had not had luck growing anything but Hayden was not to be deterred!  We had wanted to plant a garden at the other house, but knew the deer and raccoon friends from the woods would not let us join in on the harvest.  So, after a lot of research- and a gift from my Grandpa Platten- we got started on planning and preparing for the garden.  We thought this would be a great way to teach the kids, give us all an activity to work on together, and have healthy vegetables to eat.  We aren’t really the most healthy vegetable eaters you know!

If you truly know Hayden, then you know that a new hobby consumes him.  He studied, planned, and you probably saw the post with his nerdy spreadsheet.  I love that he is like that because, if you truly know me, I AM NOT!! 




We have made it through several frost threats and it is really starting to sprout some greenery.  We can’t wait to see what will come out of it!  And now we have two Gnomes, brought by Lucky the Leprechan, to keep watch over the garden!

Never Fear!!

Never fear, Batmen are here! 

I don’t have much to report on this post, but I couldn’t resist posting a picture of these two crazy kids.  They love wearing their Bat-gear!  I’m happy I have a husband who gets into things the kids love and makes life fun for them.  (and he’s cute!  And probably a little mad this picture is out of focus…oops!)



Valentine’s Day!

We had a fun Valentine’s Day!  We started off with a decorative breakfast of waffles with strawberries in the shape of a heart (chocolate chips, too, of course!)  The kids all looked really cute and humored me by wearing the matching clothes I made them- ruffle pants for the girls, a tie for Trey.  I was so proud and they looked adorable!  (I promise Avery did wear shoes to school that day!)




The day was fairly uneventful, but I’m always glad for a reminder of who I love and why I love them.  I put post-it notes all over Hayden’s mirror and a trail of them from the door when he got home.  He felt special and I was glad I put forth the effort to do it.  Plus, I had a great lunch with my MOM!

We do little gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Hayden got me my favorite candy/addiction- Dove bite sized chocolate.  I got him the ultimate romantic gift- a mailbox!  I promise it’s not lame.  Ours didn’t close and Hayden is always the one who gets the mail.  I was relieved that he LOVED it.



The real highlight of my day was giving Avery her gift!  I was telling a friend of mine how Avery’s “comfort” is to put her finger in her mouth and the finger on the other hand in her belly button.  This is what she does when she is unsure, needs comfort, or is tired.  This eliminates all onesies, one-piece outfits, and she gets hysterical in her car seat if she can’t get to her belly button.  My friend reminded me that Cabbage Patch babies have belly buttons!  I was obsessed from that moment on trying to find Avery a Cabbage Patch.  Avery loves stuffed animals and babies (especially real ones) so I thought this would be PERFECT!! 

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I was determined to find one with big brown eyes to match hers.  After searching too many stores to admit to, I started looking online.  I found the perfect one that looked exactly like her on the Cabbage Patch website.  I was forced to pay way too much for shipping, but I justified the cost because she RARELY gets anything new…just part of being #3.  She loved her baby and I was so happy to get her something special- for just HER!


Facebook post on the Eve of Valentine’s Day:
”My heart melted tonight when I overheard Haley giving Trey a sucker (which she didn’t like) to Trey and he being so excited. Then she asked Trey who was going to be his Valentine. He said, "You are!!" She gave him a huge hug and he hugged her back. She said, "WE ARE VALENTINE’S!" So glad she has a special brother to keep those future Valentine’s in check!”


Another favorite part of the Valentine’s Day season for me was asking friends and family to write their love stories for my blog,  Feel free to go get inspired by reading their stories.  I did it as an encouragement and point of hope for all couples!  I have a true passion for marriage and Hayden and I a blessed to be in a role in our church, teaching “young” marrieds, where we get to see marriages in their ups and downs…and sometimes get the opportunity to help those “downs” turn back into “ups.”

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