Special Guests!

My Grandpa Platten came to Memphis, March 22-24!  He hadn’t been to Memphis since Kathleen and Jason’s wedding and we were thrilled to have him come.  I’ve been telling him about our new house and couldn’t wait to show him.  Grandpa Platten is the kind of guy you want to please.  I hold him in such high esteem and know that he has high expectations for the important things in life- faith, relationships, caring for others, nurturing your family, etc.  So, for him to come and see us in action, then for him to give us such encouraging and approving words means the world to me. 

gpa and laura

dad and family men

Uncle John, cousin Andy, cousin Brian, Grandpa, and Hayden all went to support my Dad as was a featured speaker for the Catholic Men’s Morning of Spirituality.  It meant the world to my Dad to have such important men in our family there supporting him and affirming him.  I was so proud of my Dad for his transparency and willingness to be used by God to lead other men to becoming stronger in their faith and in their roles as the spiritual leaders in their homes.  This is an incredible speech challenging each of us to find our GodSpot- where we are in our faith, what we are doing with our faith, and understanding that God wants to use us where we are, how we are, and with what we’ve been.

Here is a link to his speech, if you are interested in watching:
mom and dad


The weekend was full of family time and it was a great reminder of how much fun and laughter surrounds each gathering.  I am blessed to have loving and HILARIOUS relatives!

Avery got sick over the course of the weekend, then Haley got it two days later.  It was sad to see my kids down and out for a few days.  And I am a little embarrassed to admit it, BUT, I LOVE all the snuggle time that comes from kids that don’t feel good.  Avery didn’t leave my arms except for when she was sleeping (and then only part of the time) for three days.  I relished the time.  She now loves “the Mouse” after watching many episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together on the couch.  I know that moments like those are why God gives Moms such loving arms- those arms that are sometimes the only things that can bring comfort.  I’m glad I get to be that comfort for three incredible kids. 

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