Little Athletes

We have had a busy fall.  Trey played soccer, and Haley is cheering.

Trey mentioned he wanted to play soccer so we signed him up to play this season.  He liked, but didn’t LOVE Tjust making faces at us as he ran up and down the field.  When it wan’t his turn to play, he’d find other ways to keep himself busy with kids on the sidelines, but it didn’t have to do with sports.  We had a great coach, and it was a great learning experience for us all.  I think we are going to give ourselves a little break from the games/practices and wait till Trey is a little more interested.  Can’t expect too much from a 4 year old.  🙂  Although, with a dad that is a photographer, he made Trey look like a pro in these pictures.




Haley wanted to play soccer, but we missed sign-ups.  So, she tried cheerleading.  Our church started using the Upward program this year.  The girls cheer for other girls playing basketball one game each week.  There is practice once a week as well.  It has been really fun and Haley is enjoying it.  Don’t laugh, but they asked me to help out with the teams, so I’m the assistant coach.  If you know my “cheerleading” background, you are definitely laughing right now.  I am not very coordinated and I’m sure it’s hilarious to watch.  Hayden has been very kind not to point that out!  It is really fun doing this with Haley though.  As a bonus, Avery is getting great exposure to cheerleading.  She marches around the house doing the cheers ALL the time!  We need to do a video of our family doing them because we are all getting the cheers down pretty well by now.  I’m amazed at how easily the girls have learned several cheers and a dance routine!  Oh, it is SO cute!!




Avery’s a trooper going to all the practices and supporting her Big Brother and Sister!  She can spell “HUSTLE” and we do that cheer a lot when we are in a hurry.


One of the cheers the kids chant the most often is the one my Dad made up on the fly to try and impress the kids with his cheering know-how: “Rock ’em.  Sock ’em.  Kick ’em in the pants!  Don’t forget to step on the ants!”  Maybe my cheering skills are inherited.  LOL.

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