Soccer’s Over

Soccer season came to an end last weekend. It was an interesting season to say the least. Trey Boy really wanted to play around sign up time. But as we got into the season, he had mixed emotions.

He actually did a really good job…especially considering he’s 4 and this was his first season. If there is one thing he needs to work on, it is to be a little more aggressive. But his coordination is great. It was fun to watch him progress throughout the season.

We didn’t sign him up for spring soccer. He did a little too much complaining about playing and practicing. We want him to do things like play soccer, tee ball, etc. But we also want him to do what HE wants to do. And if he doesn’t want it, we don’t want to force it. Of course, the week after spring sign ups (which again, we didn’t sign him back up), I asked him what his favorite sport was…what he’d play if he only got to pick one thing.

You guessed it…he said soccer!

Tonight, we had their end of the year party at Rizzi’s. A local pizza joint in Arlington. Food was pretty good. And the kids had a ball. Trey got a trophy. And he really cherishes it. I can tell because it actually made it out of the car and up to his room. 🙂

IMG 4235


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