Snow Day! (Ice Day)

December 2013
I was so excited and relieved to hear that school was cancelled for today- Friday. This is our second year to use an Advent Calendar I made. It’s a countdown with a fun family activity to do for each day of December. I was smart to make it quick and easy, but hopefully memorable things to make the Christmas season more fun. However, this has been a VERY busy week and we haven’t had time to do all of it. So, we used today to catch up, take it easy in our PJ’s and HAVE FUN! It has been the best day we’ve had in a while.

Haley has been asking for a week to make Elfy a Christmas stocking. She loves to sew and it’s something we do together when we get an idea for a project so I really wanted to wait when we had time for her to do most of it. She drew the pattern, pinned the pieces together, and manned the sewing machine…then sewed on the bells! She is a quick study! It looks adorable and she is super proud.
While she finished that, I started white washing our chimney (inside the house). I picked to start on the upstairs chimney portion because it was

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a manageable size and less noticeable to visitors…in case the project didn’t go as well as I hoped. I am really impressed and feel like I’ve learned enough about my process to start the downstairs tomorrow. I can’t wait!
On a normal day, if I get all three kids bathed before noon, I feel like a rock star. Today, everyone took a bubble bath! So even if the list of what we got done ended here, I’d be amazed.
I cut some

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green Christmas trees out of felt yesterday for the kids to decorate with felt ornaments. All three kids LOVED drawing, cutting, and placing their ornaments on the trees. (One of our Advent activities from our calendar.)




After lunch it was nap time. The kids laid down late and took a really good nap. They didn’t get up till about 5. I worked on the chimney, Hayden made bread and got his gear ready for hunting in the morning, I took a nap, read my Bible, and then we watched TV together…with a fire roaring.

As the kids came to life, we started watching The Sound of Music. They were loving it and SO many memories came flooding back. Hearing “These are a few of my favorite things” made me think of my Mom and all the awesome things she did for us growing up, like I try to do for mine. And it made me think of how we always know we are her favorite things.
The funniest thing happened as I announced it was time for dinner. Haley looked at me and said, “WHAT? Dinner? What time is it?” She didn’t know she had slept and then thought it was morning. I was dying laughing. Then Hayden, who overheard us from the kitchen came in and said, “What do you guys want for breakfast? You go upstairs and get ready for church and I’ll get it ready.” She was flipping out. It was hilarious! So, what did we do? Made breakfast for dinner, of course!

After dinner we did another Advent activity. We all stood outside and I told the kids to tell me when they felt cold. (It is 30 degrees here tonight.) After about 2-3 minutes, the kids told me they were cold and I announced we were going to have a sleep over OUTSIDE! They all looked at me with disbelief. I told them I’d get them a couple blankets and a coat. We stayed outside a few more minutes then decided the best solution would be to sleep inside where it was warm…and talked about how blessed we are to have a warm place to sleep. We ran to the fire and each kid prayed for those who don’t have a warm place to sleep tonight. We took the kids to the Manna House in Memphis earlier this week and they got to help serve dinner to the homeless/less fortunate (another Advent activity).
Next on the agenda…making Christmas popcorn! I found the recipe on Pinterest and knew we had to do it. It’s popcorn mixed with melted white chocolate chips and sprinkled with green and red sprinkles!! We will finish The Sound of Music…or another Christmas kid movie while we eat it!



I think we have taken FULL advantage of this day! And had SO much fun. Days like today remind me of all the joys of being a MOM. (Oh, and Trey learned to spell/read Mom…and tried to write it on a paper for me. Oh, be still my heart.)

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