ABC Trey!



Some time last semester (probably October) we were all sitting around having lunch and talking about report cards. Hayden was telling Haley that if she got all A’s and all E’s on her December report card that she could invite two friends over to either have a craft party or a sleepover…she could decide. Telling Haley she has a choice of two great things sends her into an emotional tug-of-war…what to choose??? She weighs out each choice carefully, to say the least. Well, for Haley to make all A’s and E’s on a report card is not a difficult task. This girl was born for school. She basically shows up and enjoys her day while making 100%’s on just about every assignment.

As Trey was listening to the promise of a reward for good grades, he asked, “what do I get?” So, Hayden made a deal with him. If Trey could learn all his letters- uppercase and lowercase- then he could pick a reward too. For Trey, the decision was much easier and never waived. He wanted a Pump It Up party…with cake! Trey didn’t make the December deadline but had come so far in just a short time that we extended his deadline. He worked so hard and would ask to do flashcards or games to practice…a lot of times, not all the time! President’s Day was coming up and I knew Pump It Up was having open play time so we really started working hard. I did not think he was going to make it- we had flashcards up on the walls, played games, downloaded ABC…the works! Then, on Sunday night I gave him a final shot. HE DID IT!! I told him he could have his party TOMORROW if he got them all. Talk about motivation! He did it twice for me, messed up once for Hayden, but then did it all again Monday morning perfectly. I was SO proud of him!

So, I hurriedly ordered the cake and called a couple friends to join us for Trey’s celebration. He kept saying, it’s my birthday! In my mind this was even better because he’d worked so hard to earn his fun day. It was VERY crowded but a fun time. It was hard for them to focus knowing there was cake in the car so we cut out a little early to feast!

Trey’s best study buddy!


My Mom came, Haley was able to be there because school was out, and Hayden took off work early to be there too. I was so touched. I am just the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful husband that is a super dad. He wouldn’t have missed Trey’s big party for the world and I don’t want anyone (especially him) to think I take him always being there for granted. That is the kind of dad I dreamed of for my kids…and I am blessed to have my wishes come true!


This is Hayden in action dancing around and crashing into the blow-ups…making Avery laugh in hysterics!