Christmas (Part 2)

The kids got some Christmas money this year and I wanted them to buy each other gifts. So, they got their money and we all went to the Dollar Store. Hayden took Trey and I took Haley. Avery kindof just ran crazy around the store. They each got a basket and had to get each other gifts. It was so cute listening to them on the way there talking about things they might like- nothing specific. “something cute and fuzzy, maybe with sparkles.” They were FIRED UP after picking their own gifts, paying with their own money, and checking out on their own. They couldn’t help ask each other and us questions. “Dad, do you like to drink coffee? Maybe on the way to work?” “Mom, do you like zebra print? Do you like to sew?” “Trey, do you like things that glow or light up?” I loved what the kids got me. Trey got me a paint brush, which I actually really need. Haley got me a pin cushion…it is a zebra print high heel shoe ring holder, turned pin cushion. Best gift! (or maybe the best gift was watching them so excited to GIVE their gifts to one another, not just GET on Christmas morning.)

Monday at the house was COOKIE DAY!!! One of my favorite days of the year. Julie came over about nine and we all got started- first things first, aprons on! Last year I made us all aprons and I’m so glad I did because they add the perfect touch to the

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day. We even got the twins aprons, but sadly their plans changed and they weren’t able to make it in time for Cookie Day…but we dressed them in the aprons for their first taste of cruschiki. We all pitched in and made three batches- will probably do four next year. They were good and everyone was able to help out which made it really special. My Grandma Bretzler would have loved it!! I love that she passed down this polish recipe because it keeps her memory vividly alive.

IMG 2426

IMG 2432

IMG 2434

(Pants optional!)

IMG 2436


Tuesday we celebrated Christmas all together at my parents. We had dinner and opened presents. I think it may have been the first time we had all been under one roof. It was a really special time and I loved laughing with everyone. Having the twins and Reed there- our newest members of the family- made it feel more complete…and that includes Demarkis! Haley made a game for us to play- pin the presents under the tree. She got two books and had one almost finished by the time we left. Trey was awesome at helping to sort and hand out gifts. He was such a gentleman and little trooper.

IMG 2452

IMG 2456

(Growing up we always had to pose for this picture…20 years later…and it still embarrasses KJ evcry year! Me and Julie just look at each other and know what picture to take next!)

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