November 2013IMG_2078


Haley’s teacher taught her all about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, so Haley ran to my room early in the morning asking if they could watch it.  I set them up with a fun Thanksgiving breakfast in front of the TV so they could watch it.

IMG_2081Hayden thinks duck sounds better for his Thanksgiving breakfast!  He went hunting…so he earned it!

IMG_2082The kids were busy making place mats for our Thanksgiving dinner.  They got bored with the parade pretty quick- too much talking, not enough floats!

We spent this Thanksgiving in Memphis.  My Grandma Dee was in town and the only ones we were missing were the Caswells.  This was Julie and Reed’s first Thanksgiving as a family and it was wonderful being all together.  (Although, John, Margie, Megan and Tom Platten are always the missing piece to a Memphis Thanksgiving to me!)  Dressed in Maroon and White we had a great dinner and many laughs sitting around the table.  Haley and Trey got to break the wishbone.  Neither of them had done it before and my Dad loved teaching them about it.





My favorite thing about the night was listening to Grandma Dee and Avery laugh together.  The sweetest sound.  Whether they were playing hide and seek or just giggling on the couch, the two were inseparable!

Another great part of the night- WINNING THE EGG BOWL!!  I was in line at a store chatting with an Ole Miss fan when the final overtime score came in.  VERY exciting.  Although, I wished I’d just gone home to watch it with Hayden.

Because of the “new” shopping hours for Black Friday/Thursday, the traditional sister shopping experience wasn’t what it used to be but I took Haley out to hit a couple stores on Black Friday afternoon then stopped for Mexican.  It was so much fun having lunch, just the girls!IMG_2101


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